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GS20 hits the market with success - Leica announces enhancements
Originally released in April 2003, the GS20 PDM – Leicas extremely powerful handheld GPS has had a chance to be used for real applications in the field. “It did not shut down all day,” explained one happy customer after trying the GS20 for the first time.Some of the features of the GS20 include a background map feature, wireless data download and upload and of course satellite tracking like you have never seen before in a handheld GPS unit.

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Enhancements with the release of firmware 1.05: New for August was the addition of “Hyper-Track” functionality in the GS20, making this system track even better than before. Also introduced was the addition of WAAS functionality built into the GS20. Users able to track WAAS will be able to achieve sub-metre accuracy in the field – no additional accessories or cables needed. Starting at $6400.00 for a complete system with software, productive GPS data collection has never been this affordable. Call us for a demonstration or for more information on the GS20 PDM.
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